How much does a taxi cab cost in Russia ?

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Better understand the rates of a taxi ride in Russia
The price of races of Russia taxis is regulated according to the schedule, the kilometers traveled and the time spent.
Here are the basic prices of a taxi ride:
The cost of your trip is broken down as follows:


Initial Fare : 200.00 RUB
Fare per km : 20.00 RUB
Luggage supplement or Supplement from the 5th passenger : 20.00 RUB

How much does a taxi cab cost in Russia ?

Country Initial Fare Fare per km
Russia 200.00 RUB 20.00 RUB
Taxi Price for 5 km in Russia 200.00 RUB 100 RUB
Taxi Price for 10 km in Russia 200.00 RUB 200 RUB
Taxi Price for 20 km in Russia 200.00 RUB 400 RUB

* - This is an estimated fare in Russia. Please contact us at if any Taxi prices changed in Russia so we can verify and modify it

Important :
Estimate the cost and time of a taxi ride in Russia

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The price of a taxi ride in Russia will always be determined by the price displayed on the horokilometric meter installed in the taxi vehicle that transports you in Russia .
This estimate does not take into account traffic conditions in Russia and unforeseen road conditions, the actual route chosen by the taxi driver, and the approach costs related to the booking in Russia.

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Taxi cab fare in Russia